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Shure Motiv Mics Designed for Recording Via Mobile Devices

Shure’s Motiv microphone line includes a variety of affordable products to record good quality sound on computers and popular mobile devices. The line includes the MV88 Documenter stereo condenser mic that plugs directly into Apple iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad, the MV51 Performer large-diaphragm condenser USB mic for studio-quality sound recording, and the MVL Narrator omni condenser lavalier microphone that can record on any iOS or Android devices.

The Shure Motiv line also has the MVi Adapter digital audio interface that works with your favorite microphones, allowing you to record and tailor sound directly onto your computer. The MVi Adapter has both XLR and 1/4-inch inputs. To get more from your Motiv product, Shure provides a free app for mobile devices.