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Sennheiser Announces ADN-Wireless Conference System

Wireless conferencing microphone

Las Vegas – Sennheiser announced the U.S. launch of its ADN-W, the wireless extension of the company’s ADN conference system. The new extension provides increased flexibility to the ADN conferencing system, while delivering automated frequency management and stress-free operation.

“ADN-W expands our successful ADN conference system by adding the freedom and flexibility of a wireless solution,” said Dawn Birr, vice president of sales & marketing for Sennheiser’s Integrated Systems division. ”ADN-W also offers the same reliable and trouble-free operation due to the large wireless spectrum linked with automatic, dynamic frequency management.”

The ADN-W (Audio Distribution Network Wireless) digital conference system uses both the 2.4 GHz and the 5 GHz frequency range for reliable wireless transmission.

Up to 150 wireless discussion units can be used simultaneously. And if the need arises, further discussion units can be added easily during the conference itself. The flexible Ethernet interface allows the conference system to be controlled from a PC or media control systems.

“It goes without saying that ADN-W also provides optimum speech clarity,” said Jens Werner, portfolio manager for the Integrated Systems division at Sennheiser. “The icing on the cake is the legendary ME 36 super-cardioid. This shotgun microphone, which is made in Germany, is now available as a gooseneck solution exclusively for ADN-W.”

The clear sound and comfortable listening experience are for the benefit of the conference participants in the room. In order to exclude all unwanted listeners, audio transmission via the Sennheiser ADN-W conference system is encrypted: AES 128-bit encryption protects the system securely against eavesdropping.

User-friendly and flexible

User-friendliness is also ensured when it comes to transporting and re-charging the wireless conference system. The ADN-W case contains dedicated, stackable modules for all system components, as well as integrated units for re-charging the discussion units. The sturdy charging and transport case can be individually adapted to the size of the system.

Sennheiser also provides regular software updates to continuously improve the ADN-W system and to ensure that it maintains its state-of-the-art technology.

“The numerous features and rapid set-up of the wireless system make ADN-W a very efficient, future-proof solution,” said Werner.