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Security Industry Association Names Chair of Standards Committee

Steve Van Till has been chosen to head the committee.

The Security Industry Association (SIA) has appointed Steve Van Till, the CEO of Brivo Systems LLC,—a producer of software for security management—as chair of the SIA’s Standards Committee. Van Till is also serving his second term as a member of the SIA’s Board of Directors.

The Standards Committee was originally formed in 2003 to promote technical standards within the security industry, and subsequently chartered the open, system integration and performance standards (OSIPS) project. Since the launch of OSIPS, the committee has become an ANSI accredited standards development organization (SDO), providing open membership and international visibility to the group’s activities.

Van Till said, “OSIPS was originally created in an era when there were no other standards activities going on in our industry. Since then, we’ve seen a welcome endorsement of standards in the formation of several other organizations, including both ONVIF and PSIA.”

“By making several fundamental changes to the way that we pursue the standards process, OSIPS can become more relevant to the needs of the industry and our members, advancing SIA’s leadership role in shaping technical standards,” he said. Van Till listed three proposals for the committee to consider as they embark on their work. Those proposals are:

  • Prioritize standards activities by business need
  • Harmonize SIA standards with other organizations
  • Demonstrate interoperable systems within the first year