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San Diego Zoo Polar Bears Now Viewable in High Definition

Live footage of the new HD cam at the Conrad Prebys Polar Bear Plunge is available on the zoo's website. 

You’ve seen the animals of the San Diego Zoo on late night TV. Now, they’re available online in high-definition.

Live footage of the new HD cam at the Conrad Prebys Polar Bear Plunge is available on the zoo’s website.

“The clarity and detail of this new video stream is stunning and will allow our visitors a chance to connect with these animals in a way they’ve never been able to before,” said Damien Lasater, design manager of the San Diego Zoo. “Our HD Polar Cam is an amazing new experience for polar bear fans around the world.”

The new Polar Cam has four times the resolution of the previous system along with improved color fidelity and fluid motion. It is the first San Diego Zoo Cam to receive the upgrade. Web site visitors can see characteristics of the polar bears, down to the details in their fur, gaining a better understanding of how the bears interact with each other and their environment, the zoo said in a statement.

And the zoo’s not exaggerating: A quick look from a WiFi-enabled laptop at the sprawling headquarters of Government Video really does reveal great detail of the bears, the ripples on the water and more.

At the newly renovated facility, online and in-person visitors get to see how polar bears live in the Arctic as well as the challenges they face due to habitat loss. Guests not only learn what they can do to help ensure the species’ survival, but also get the chance to see how they measure up to the largest bears on Earth in height, weight, and food consumption.

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The zoo also boasts an Ape Cam, a Panda Cam and an Elephant Cam.

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