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Salam Media Cast Partners with VidiGo

Collaboration increases broadcast solution offerings

Salam Media Cast, a systems integration company located in the Persian Gulf region, is partnering with VidiGo, which produces software for television production, to provide viewers with access to VidiGo’s broadcast software products.
The partnership agreement will enable SMC to expand its presence in the broadcast solutions market and offer a larger range of technology, solutions and services to its client base in the Middle East and Europe, the company says.
VidiGo has a line of at least six software solutions that run on standard IT-hardware. Those solutions and what they do are:

  • VidiGo Live, which is a multi-camera live production solution that incorporates audio and video effects
  • VidiGo Toolbox, which enables broadcasters to incorporate Skype, Google Maps and YouTube into their programming
  • VidiGo Graphics, which enables broadcasters to interact with social media
  • VidiGo Works, which enables broadcasters to create, edit and distribute processional video content
  • VidiGo Playout, enables broadcasters to incorporate Adobe Flash graphics into a playout schedule
  • VidiGo Visual Radio, which provides radio broadcasters with access to online, mobile and TV platforms

“Our new partnership with VidiGo is very exciting as it expands our ability to deliver innovative workflows that truly benefit customer specific requirements,” said Paul Hennessy, SMC’s CEO.