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Rushworks Introduces Small Pan/Tilt Head, Control Software

Affordable pan/tilt system and control

Rushworks PT-Mini pan-tilt system

The new PT-Mini works with Rushworks’ new CTRL R software, CTRL R Production Studio software/hardware, or VDesk/Remo system configurations. Working with small prosumer-style cameras, the PT-Mini is an inexpensive way to have a fully controlled pan/tilt camera system.

The PT-Mini supports built-in VISCA serial control protocol through a CAT-5 cable that provides DC power and RS-422 bi-directional serial communications between the computer and the pan/tilt head. A short mini-TRS cable connects the head with the Remote connector on the camera.

Inexpensive camcorders can generate remarkable image quality when compared with more expensive, standalone PTZ cameras. Further, productivity and return-on-investment is maximized because camcorders can be used for traditional field production between meetings and events.

CTRL R is Rushworks touchscreen pan/tilt/zoom camera control software application that can control up to 16 cameras. CTRL R runs on tablets or computers with Windows 7/8 operating systems, and the software provides pan, tilt, zoom, focus and iris control, and is compatible with virtually all standalone PTZ cameras that support serial or IP protocol, including Sony, Panasonic, Canon and Vaddio.

It also interfaces with Rushworks’ new PT-Mini pan/tilt head, on which you can place any camera that supports LANC or JLIP remote control. CTRL R is a software-only solution that replaces traditional hardware devices, and allows producers to create, save and name a virtually unlimited number of presets.