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RTW Unveils Latest Version of ‘TouchMonitor TM3-3G’ Unit

The latest version includes 3G SDI interface, level and loudness instruments and de-embedder

RTW, a producer of audio meters, introduces the latest version of its TouchMonitor TM3 unit which enables the TM3’s current hardware and software to visualize, convert and replay 3G serial data input (SDI) signals in television and video production and post-production applications.

The TM3-3G is designed for metering, de-embedding and monitoring 3G SDI audio, and it features a 4.3-inch touch screen for horizontal and vertical orientation, which can display any of the eight audio channels contained in a 3G SDI stream, according to RTW.

The TM3-3G also includes a number of graphical and numerical instruments showing single-channel and summing loudness bar graphs, pulse position modulation (PPM), true peak, sound pressure level (SPL), loudness range (LRA), “dialnorm and correlation,” RTW says. The TM3 offers loudness metering in compliance with all globally-relevant standards, and it features the “Magic LRA” mode for visualization of the loudness range and integrated-loudness parameters, the company says.

If equipped with the corresponding software license option, the integrated de-embedder can also output 16 audio channels from the 3G SDI signal on eight AES3 two-channel ports, RTW says. The output signals are independent from the visualized audio, the company says.

Additionally, the operating concept allows for selection of presets that can be configured using RTW’s Devicer DC1 software, the firm says. Using custom presets, the user can switch between the various sources, loudness standards and instrument layouts, RTW says. The configuration software allows users to scale and place the required instruments throughout the screen.