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Ross Legislative Control System Installed For City of San Antonio

Control system to be used in two of the city’s council chambers

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – Ross Video has installed its signature Ross Legislative Control System (LCS) for the city council chambers here in San Antonio. The AV control system implements a Ross Carbonite Switcher, an XPression real-time graphics controlled by the touch-screen LCS monitor, and Sony PTZ cameras spread throughout two council chambers.

The PTZ cameras have three programmable shots and can be adjusted with a Ross Converged joystick, which is separate from the video switcher.

The new system now requires less city staff to be present when broadcasting council meetings.

“Previously we had four to six operators in our control room, each with a dedicated task to ensure that our meetings were covered to the citizens of San Antonio. This meant long hours and a crowded control room,” said Cliff Brannon, AV production supervisor for the City of San Antonio. He now says only one to two operators are required for meetings, with one operator working the Ross solution and another working audio levels and preparing presentations for speakers.