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Rose Electronics Updates Orion XC to Create Large Switching Systems

KVM switchers take an expansion leap.

The Orion XC series by Rose Electronics is a family of high-performance KVM matrix switches ranging in sizes from 8-288 ports to permit control of a variety of computers from a wide range of locations. With single or dual-link DVI, HDMI, SDI, and VGA video and several unique features, the Orion XC is a scalable KVM switching system that can meet the requirements of customers with large and small installations.

A new firmware package is now available for constructing very large switching systems. This optional bundle enables up to 16 Orion XC switches of any size to be integrated into a large matrix grid, even if the switches are separated by several kilometers. The matrix grid determines the quickest and most efficient path between the matrices to make connections.

The system includes full monitoring capabilities with live updates on the current status of the switches and their constituent components. Should any of the switches or components fail, connections are automatically reconfigured.

Users are able to access any of the connected CPUs controlled through the switchers from any of the user stations in real-time, with options available for securing any of the CPUs. This new dynamic matrix grid offers advantages over traditional cascading models, removing the bottlenecks that usually arise from top-down and tree-connection structures.