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RGB Video Walls Aid Bucharest Police

Nintey-camera system monitored through three video walls powered by a MediaWall processor

Sector 2 in the northeast of Bucharest is a center of industrial, commercial and cultural activity. To improve the ability of local police to improve public safety, the local council authorized construction of a surveillance system for critical areas of the district.

The system interconnects with other security agencies, including military police, civil police, fire police, protective services and emergency response services, as well as with the traffic police monitoring system. Ninety cameras were installed at 31 “hot points” throughout the sector.

The cameras, which became operational in January 2010, are connected to a central monitoring location featuring three video walls of four 47″ LCD panel displays via a fiber-optic system installed by Datek Telecom.

The video walls are managed by an RGB Spectrum MediaWall 2000 system, which was chosen for its ability to accept and lock to the broad range of digital and analog sources being presented. MediaWall processors display every frame of graphic and video information with no interruptions or loss of frames.

The system was installed by RGB’s local distributor and integration partner, EES Srl.

According to Aurel Dobrila, Sector 2 local police director, “The new system has improved our situational awareness and provides us with the ability to respond to incidents in an informed manner. The efficiency of our response to all situations has increased by more than 35% related to the same period of 2009.”