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Revolabs Unveils ‘Hybrid HD Mic.,’ & ‘XLR Adapter’

The system is designed for conferencing installations requiring a powered audio solution

Revolabs Inc., a provider of wireless audio solutions for unified communications, debuts its Hybrid HD microphones and XLR adapter that are designed for conferencing installations requiring a powered audio solution.
Constantly powered and located around the conference table, the wired Hybrid microphones and XLR adapters take the guesswork out of microphone placement, resulting in optimized audio pick up during meetings, according to the company. For meetings where wireless operation is required, the microphones can easily be removed from the power source and placed where required around the table, the firm adds.
“The Revolabs Hybrid HD products combine the best of both wired and wireless microphones into one versatile solution,” said Marc Cremer, the company’s chief operating officer. “No matter how long a meeting may last, users never have to worry about a microphone losing power,” he said.
Offering simple plug-and-play functionality, Revolabs’ Hybrid HD microphones and XLR adapter greatly simplifies the administration and installation of audio systems in any room. Power is available at conference room tables and the wireless audio connection ensures that installers do not have to run new microphone cable. Powered yet functioning wirelessly, the Hybrid HD products also provide unprecedented ease of use for unfamiliar users, the company says. The Hybrid HD alleviates the need for any setup prior to the beginning of a meeting or the need to return microphones to a charger tray after the meeting has concluded, it adds.
The Revolabs Hybrid HD microphones are available in omnidirectional and directional tabletop versions, and come complete with a power supply, the company adds. The Hybrid HD XLR adapter provides audio coverage for any dynamic gooseneck microphone (sold separately) with an XLR connection. That allows for the easy installation of gooseneck microphones in any room without having to run audio wires, Revolabs says