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Representatives Who Live-Stream On House Floor Could Soon Face Fines

Paul Ryan proposed a new House rules package banning use of audio and video broadcasting

WASHINGTON–Speaker Paul Ryan has proposed a new House rules package that would fine Representatives who use devices to live-stream from the House Floor.

According to this Bloomberg report, the new rules could fine members “$500 through their paychecks for a first offense of using electronic photography, audio or video recorders. A $2,500 fine would be leveled for the next such offense and each subsequent violation.”

The proposed rules by Speaker Ryan could be seen as a response to a 25-hour sit-in by House Democrats this past summer in which the streaming platforms Facebook Live and Periscope were used to broadcast the hour-by-hour activities to the public and news outlets. The in-house C-SPAN cameras that cover the business conducted by congress were turned off because they are controlled by the House, whose rules dictate that they are to be turned off when the legislative body is in recess.