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RCI Offers New ‘Press Mult’ Signal Distribution System

Simplify press conference connections

RCI BM-AVSDI816 press mult

RCI Custom has released a new signal distribution system, with the addition of the BM-AVSDI816 audio and HD-SDI video distribution unit. Often called a “press mult“ because it is used to distribute signals at a press conference, they provide clean signals to members of the press who wish to record audio and video.

Combining the broadcast quality audio distribution of the popular RCI BM-16DB along with a robust HD-SDI distribution unit, the BM-AVSDI 816 eliminates the need for multiple microphones at the point of source during press conferences, while providing journalists and newsgatherers clean signals.

The BM-AVSDI816 provides 1×16 HD-SDI distribution and 1×8 plus four balanced mic/line switchable audio inputs and outputs. Each unit has active electronics, as well as Jensen transformers on all audio outputs for superior performance. The portable unit is housed in a rugged Zero aluminum case. Custom units allow for surface or flush wall mounting, or rack mounting.

“RCI press mults have led the way in broadcast quality signal distribution for many years,” said Doug Macuch, RCI’s president. “Our history and involvement with this technology has culminated in the creation of the BM-AVSDI816. Electronic news gathering has evolved significantly with technology, and so too has the need for superior performance from the press mults that distribute signal. A live event, after all, happens only once.”

Used where ever press conferences are held to distribute audio and/or video to the press corps, RCI press mults are commonplace with political campaigns, government events, hotels, courtrooms, sporting arenas, and audio/video rental companies that support media events.