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Raytheon Unveils Armored Vehicle Reconnaissance System

Raytheon unveiled its reconnaissance surveillance system for light armored vehicles

Raytheon Technical Services Company LLC (RTSC), a producer of sensing, command, control, communications and intelligence systems, unveiled its Light Armoured Vehicle Reconnaissance Surveillance System prototype to the Canadian Army in Ottawa, Ontario.

Raytheon says it designed the LRSS to fit into the Canadian Army’s light armoured vehicle-III to provide improved flexibility allowing on-the-move intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions.

The design permits the LAV-III to create high-fidelity actionable information at the point of collection inside the vehicle and report digital ISR information directly to the base commander, the company says.

“Raytheon believes that on-the-move reconnaissance and surveillance is a game changer for the Canadian Army,” said Rudolph Lewis, RTSC’s depot support systems product line director. “This, coupled with the ability to conduct on-board imagery exploitation and to receive auto-cueing information from unmanned aerial vehicles and unattended ground sensors, provides the Canadian Army with unprecedented mission flexibility,” he said.

The LRSS acts as a “smart node” in the overall Canadian Intelligence Surveillance Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance enterprise, according to Raytheon. The system works with off-board sensors from UAVs and unattended ground sensors in a LAV-III mounted configuration or in a dismounted configuration using tripods, the firm says.

In addition, Raytheon teamed with SRI Sarnoff—a producer of real-time video processing, manipulation and salient data distribution—on the integration of the LRSS for the Canadian Army to provide enhanced 3-D immersive situational awareness and command, control, communication and computers (also known as “C4”) ISR.

“Our real-time video processing products including TerraSight, integrated with the RTSC solution, will provide field-proven C4ISR capabilities built on U.S. Army standards for the Canadian Army’s LAV-III Upgrade Project,” said Mark Clifton, SRI Sarnoff’s products & services division vice president.