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Raytheon Expands Military’s Wideband Transmission Service

The service will allow “full-motion video capabilities” improving the video imagery available to warfighters.

A leading defense contractor has implemented the final phase of an expansion of the U.S. military’s Global Broadcast Service’s (GBS)—a one-way, wideband transmission service—which allows “full-motion video capabilities” improving the video imagery available to warfighters.

Raytheon Company’s Intelligence and Information Systems division delivered the final phase of the expanded GBS’ video capabilities, which is in direct support of U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) operations. GBS was developed by the U.S. Air Force in the mid-1990s to deliver news and information to U.S. forces deployed in areas of the world where television or radio broadcasts are not received. GBS’ delivers the data on a one-way, wideband transmission that is capable of supporting timely delivery of classified and unclassified data and video products for mission support and theater information transfer.

The GBS system transmits high-resolution imagery, video, audio, data and other information files with sizes in the megabyte range to many users over a single communication channel. The system leverages commercial satellite broadcast technology to deliver large imagery and data files that would overload typical tactical network capacity. GBS disseminates IP-based real-time video and large data files (up to 4GB in size) over-the-air (up to 45 Mbps) to garrisoned and deployed combat forces using net-centric prioritized delivery based on unit mission reception priority profiles. GBS has proven to be so popular that it now delivers tailored content to each branch of the armed forces.

Concurrent with the broadcast installation, Raytheon implemented changes on the receive suite production line to ease access to the video data. “GBS pushes and pulls critical intelligence data to warfighters wherever they are,” Mark Single, Raytheon’s GBS senior program manager, said in a written statement. “The GBS broadcast is also capable of offloading high-volume intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance data from communications transport systems. This allows for enhanced efficiency and effective use of available systems and the associated capabilities to provide bandwidth for tactical operations.”

The recent installation was part of a multi-phased plan to support increased mission requirements for CENTCOM. The first phase occurred in November 2009.