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Queen’s Medical Center Selects Digital Signage System

Effective information and playback

HONOLULU — The Queen’s Medical Center, in the Honolulu, Hawaii area, recently purchased Videotel digital signage media players for its hospital rooms. The solution that the hospital chose to buy was the company’s VP71 industrial media players.

Prior to purchasing this media player from Videotel, The Queen’s Hospital frequently experienced challenges with getting its signage players to power on. This included many power glitches that directly impacted patient care.

With the new system now in operation, a hospital spokesperson said that the organization is very grateful to have chosen the Videotel solution. The hospital especially likes the auto power switch, which prevents the need to worry about the troublesome power glitches affecting the function of important equipment. A properly functioning system allows The Queen’s Hospital to provide its patients with the highest quality of care, and make news, information and other important data readily available to patients, visitors, employees and family members of patients.

The Videotel VP71 is an industrial-grade digital media player that has the ability to auto-power-on, auto-loop and auto-repeat content seamlessly. This is done without the necessity for menus, remotes, or manual interaction. The VP71 supports RS232 with a communication-ready port, which enables users to play content at designated times of the day. A typical VP71 will run for more than six years without failure.