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Q&A with Drone Expert Eric Jameson

Of all the topics at the 2015 Government Video Expo, none generated as much excitement as did drone technology. Government Video spoke with Stampede’s Eric Jameson about what the future holds for this technology.

Of all the topics at the 2015 Government Video Expo, none generated as much excitement as did drone technology. As one series of questions was being answered, another was being raised: Do I have to register my drone? Is there a deadline? Where are the no-fly zones? And what do I do when my drone invariable flies out of my sight? Government Video spoke with one individual who fielded questions like these, and looked at the future of drone technology. As product manager of Stampede, Eric Jameson was a fixture in the flying cage and at sessions like “Rise of the Drones” at the GV Expo. He spoke with Government Video about the use of drone technology for aerial cinematography and other emerging markets, as well as what the future holds for this technology.

GV: What was your focus at this year’s show?

Jameson: Our primary focus at this year’s show was to demonstrate the entire drone video system solution for commercial operations, especially focusing on the command and control capabilities. We wanted attendees to understand that it’s about more than just the drone. It’s about a fully customized end-to-end solution, one that integrates a drone with various other component add-ons and command and control capabilities based on each end-user’s requirements.

GV: How was your topic area received by attendees of the show?

Jameson: Very well received. The demonstrations were a constant draw.

GV: What kind of feedback did you get from the audience?

Jameson: The audience was very impressed with the possibilities of the drone video system product category, the robust product offering, the education provided and the people of Stampede.

GV: What did you think were the best attributes of this year’s show? How would you like to see the show evolve/change next year?

Jameson: The layout was good, and demonstrations brought people through the exhibit area. Next year we’d like to see a bigger presentation area with improved AV.

GV: What key issues would you like attendees to be aware of when it comes to drones – either in terms of technology or regulatory issues?

Jameson: In terms of technical challenges, the current drone itself is limited in flight duration due to battery life. Flight durations can range from a few minutes up to almost an hour. However, few if any multicopters can fly for more than an hour while carrying a sensor payload. Advances in batteries and alternative propulsion systems should overcome this limitation in the near future.

GV: Tell us a little about your company and the audience you are trying to reach.

Jameson: We are a value-added pro-AV distributor that has developed a market-leading platform that provides AV Integration companies the opportunity to add drone video systems as a category in their business. Ultimately, end-users, through their already established relationships with pro-AV Integration companies, can receive an entire end-to-end, fully customized drone video system solution with just one purchase order.

There are a variety of drones available that can be used for commercial applications. The key is to have an entire solution, as opposed to merely purchasing pieces of equipment.