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Prysm Cascade Makes Collaboration Clear

Collaboration on a big screen

San Jose, Calif. – Prysm, a manufacturer of video wall systems recently updated its Cascade collaboration system to TD2 laser laser phosphor display technology. The TD2 Tile is the fundamental building block of Prysm’s system — several, dozens or hundreds of TD2 Tiles can be assembled to create videowalls of virtually any size or shape.

Some of the benefits of Prysm’s LPD video walls are wide viewing angles (178 degrees), a rapid refresh rate that minimizes visual artifacts, a long-life driver that eliminates changing projector lamps and there’s no frames of bezels to break up the image.

Prysm is available in two standard configurations: 117- and 190-inch displays. Cascade-series video walls deliver team productivity whether meeting in-person or from remote sites. Touch enabled, the Cascade all-in-one solutions allow users to display, share, reposition, resize, annotate and edit all types of content on screen. Inputs can include PCs, mobile devices, video conferencing and content stored locally or in the cloud.

Built on the foundation of Prysm’s Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) technology, Cascade video walls offer clear viewing from all angles of a room, low eye-strain, run cool to the touch, and plug into standard electrical outlets. In addition, multiple teams can share a Cascade video wall with dedicated workspaces that let them pick up their work where they last left off.

“We’re delivering a true plug-and-play solution that makes team interaction more productive and engaging,” said Dana Corey, Prysm vice president of sales and technical operations. “Cascade solutions provide collaboration capabilities that are unmatched in the industry, maximizing room utilization without the need for HVAC or electrical system upgrades.”