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Professional Products Gets Contract to Update IRS Audio-Visual Equipment

The new technologies are to be installed in the auditorium of the IRS facility in New Carrollton, Md

Professional Products, Inc. (PPI), a company that provides “design and build” services, has won a contract from the Internal Revenue Service to update the agency’s audio-visual technology at the IRS’ facility in New Carrollton, Md.

The new technologies are to be installed in the auditorium of the IRS facility, and PPI is to provide the design and test engineering; system integration; project management; and training for the new technology.

PPI’s experience working with various government agencies and in meeting their technology needs increases the company’s understanding of how crucial it is for the IRS to be able to utilize the latest technologies to carry out its goals and objectives, said Bruce Kaufmann, PPI president and CEO.

Project highlights include replacing the IRS’s current projector display to enable high definition input capability. PPI is to install cameras that can be controlled and monitored from the control room, and that are equipped to allow for high-resolution recording, display and video conferencing capabilities. PPI will also provide the sources for the playback, recording and display.

Once completed, the equipment updates are to allow for either a computer or video feed from the auditorium audio-visual system to be transmitted to the IRS’s TV studio and vice versa. PPI will simplify the control of all audio-visual system functionality and will implement wireless control from anywhere within the auditorium or control room space.