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Portable Projectors Get Smaller Footprint With Brighter HD Images

The portable video projector industry is developing smaller projectors while improving the optics, allowing them to become more reliable and cost-efficient while casting a brighter, high-definition image.

The portable video projector industry is developing smaller projectors while improving the optics, allowing them to become more reliable and cost-efficient while casting a brighter, high-definition image.

A video projector is a device that integrates a light source, an optics system, electronics and display, projecting an image from a computer or video device onto a wall or screen. Most projectors used in government or law enforcement settings have resolutions of SVGA (800×600 pixels), XGA (1024×768 pixels), 720p (1280×720 pixels) and 1080p (1920×1080 pixels). Those at a higher resolution and with a greater light output—from 2,500 lumens to 4,000 lumens—are better for conference halls or meeting rooms.

Sony’s VPL-EX175 “No one wants to sit in a dark conference room for a presentation,” said Sander Phipps, senior product manager, projectors, Sony Electronics. “One of the trends is to improve the [internal] optics that sends more light to the screen and makes a much brighter image for the audience.”

Sony USA’s VPL-EX175 provides a 3,600- lumen light output while also offering powersaving features that can almost indefinitely extend the life of the projector’s bulb, the heart of the system, Phipps said. The Power Saving mode kicks in if there is no operation for 10 minutes without any signal input, further extending lamp life.


BenQ America’s Joybee GP2 For government users who might want a smaller or more mobile device, BenQ America produces the Joybee GP2 mini projector, a palm-sized LED projector that still has a respectable brightness output of up to 200 lumens. The GP2 has a broad mix of features, which makes it a good match for small business/ government meetings, said Jeffrey Hsieh, BenQ’s Portable Projector GP2 product manager.

The GP2 features an embedded docking connector on the top of the GP2. It accepts Apple iPods (Touch and Nano) and 3GS/4 iPhones. Users can plug an iPhone or iPod into the iPhone-/iPod-compatible dock to share videos, photos and graphics. The GP2 also supports other smartphones, tablets and media players.


Canon U.S.A.’s LV-8227A Power Projector Canon U.S.A.’s LV-8227A Power Projector is a flexible device that offers a variety of features needed by government users, particularly for training sessions in small venues, such as classrooms and laboratories, said Chuck Westfall, Canon U.S.A.’s technical advisor. The LCD projector has a WXGA widescreen resolution (1280×800) with 2,500 lumens of brightness that delivers crisp and vivid images. The WXGA resolution also means the LV-8227A can display information from widescreen computer or video displays without cropping or compression.

With an HDMI input, high-definition 1080p signals from satellite and digital cable boxes as well as Blu-ray players can be projected in high quality. Power-saving features such as an “eco-mode” can set the lamp life of up to 6,000 hours, Westfall said.

In addition, the “projectors have a low cost of ownership because they have a lamp replacement cost of only about $100,” Westfall said. “This is an economical projector, a reliable projector and a very versatile projector in terms of all the different accessories users can work with.”


Casio America’s SLIM Projector

Casio America has revamped its line of SLIM projectors with six updated models: the XJ-A141, XJ-A146, XJ-A241, XJ-A246, XJ-A251 and XJ-A256. Weighing in at only 5 pounds, the new SLIM projectors are 1.7 inches high, making them the thinnest high-brightness projectors available. Christine Azzolino, public relations representative for Casio, said the series offers a wide-angle 2X power zoom lens and several models feature both USB and wireless connectivity.

“The brightness is really very good for a projector of its size,” she said. “As far as taking it places, it’s compact and will fit into most laptop bags.”


Christie Digital Systems’ LW41Christie Digital Systems’ LX41 and LW41 LCD projectors provide a very bright, 4,000-lumens image while packing everything into a modest, 10-pound device. The projectors offer optional XGA and WXGA resolutions, which are a good fit for small- to medium-sized venues such as classrooms, government training rooms and corporate meeting rooms.

One useful feature is 3D Keystone, an eight-point geometry correction for quick and easy image setup. The models also offer a USB-direct presentation option (eliminating the need for a computer), built-in speakers and broad color adjustments.

“Both Christie LX41 and LW41 LCD portable projectors are designed to meet the varying levels of users from novice to expert,” said Dan Smith, Christie’s national government sales manager. “They have intuitive menus for quick and easy setup to more advanced setup options for network, color control, and customer signal resolutions.”


Projectiondesign’s F21Projectiondesign, a Norwegian projector manufacturer, offers the F21/F22 series of compact, high-performance projectors weighing just seven pounds. The projectors provide a bright, clear image, the company says.

The high-performance F21 single-chip DLP projector comes with full-HD native 1080p resolution and a high-quality zoom lens with a long-life lamp. The projector uses projectiondesign’s unique “RealColor” color management. It enables users to define their desired white point, matching the colors from the projector to the picture on the screen or a print for true imaging.

The company also produces the portable F22 single-chip DLP version, which offers Philips’ latest VIDI lamp technology and is available in a special 3D stereographic imaging model.

“The F21 reproduces intense graphics reproduction and reliability with no compromise in image quality,” said Fredrik Brostrøm- Hansen, projectiondesign’s product marketing manager. “The F21 meets the specific needs and expectations of professional corporate users and is available at an attractive price point.”


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