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Polycom Launches Improved HD Videoconference Platform

With version 4.0, the capacity of the RMX 2000 has doubled, allowing up to 800 voice-only calls or up to 160 simultaneous video calls

Polycom has released the RMX 2000 V4.0, a conference platform it says leads the way in features for multi-site high-definition video conferencing.

Polycom says that through a combination of software enhancements and new, faster processing resources (MPM+ cards), the RMX 2000 V4.0 delivers several industry-first capabilities, including superior HD video, with resolutions up to 1080 and the ability to optimize call quality for all participants based on the capabilities of their systems.

It is the only multipoint conference platform that supports 1080p at 30 fps, 720p at 60 fps and 720p at 30 fps HD video quality, according to the company.

It also supports Polycom’s Lost Packet Recovery Technology (LPR), which improves the quality of video calls over IP networks.

Even lesser-quality video will look better on the system; the company says a new feature, called Video Clarity, lets the unit upscale and sharpen video images, enabling high-quality video even on lower-resolution video conferencing devices and using lower bandwidth.

The RMX 2000 also offers Flexible Resource Capacity configuration, which dynamically allocates resources based on specific call requirements, for more cost-effective calls. New Fixed Resource Capacity configurations are designed for customers that have standardized on video endpoints with the same capabilities and that typically place video calls at the same call speeds and resolutions. For example, if a customer has all HD endpoints and primarily runs calls in HD resolution, then it makes sense to configure and set the bridge for HD video calls. The RMX 2000 now gives customers the ability the best to configure their bridge to specific video network requirements and easily adjust their infrastructure as needs change.

With version 4.0, the capacity of the RMX 2000 has doubled, allowing up to 800 voice-only calls or up to 160 simultaneous video calls, meeting the needs of many video deployments with a single server.

For standard definition, the RMX 2000 V4.0 has tripled its capacity to 60 simultaneous video calls per server to address the needs of many organizations deploying video in standard definition as they move to HD. For broader deployments, the RMX 2000 can be deployed in a distributed network architecture with the Polycom Distributed Media Application (DMA) 7000, which manages and distributes video calls across multiple up to 10 Polycom RMX 2000 conference platforms.

The Polycom RMX 2000 V4.0 and new MPM+ Cards are now orderable with worldwide availability planned within 30 days. Base list price for the Polycom RMX 2000 V4.0 with MPM+ is $46,500.