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PlayBox Serves Updated Orange County TV

The station operates two complete playout channels.

The two TV channels operated by Orange County (Fla.) TV have freshened up with a new state-of-the-art SDI and HD-ready facility brand new studio and Master Control.

Orange County TV Station Manager Michael Seif

PlayBox Technology was key to the transition to a tapeless file-based workflow required by the station, as well as accommodating over 1,000 hours of archive media.

Orange County TV includes two complete playout channels: Orange TV, a typical government channel; and Vision TV, an arts information and education channel that taps the exceptional local talent and bears a resemblance to a PBS station.

These channels are supported by a PlayBox installation comprising of four all-in-one PlayBox servers with AirBox playout, ListBox scheduling, TitleBox graphics, and DataBox content management and providing full redundancy for each of the two channels. There is also a CaptureBox for ingest and SafeBox for content management.

The AirBox controls the 32×32 HD-SDI router from Network Electronics. All programming passes through the AirBox servers sited in Master Control, allowing the addition of TitleBox graphic overlays, bugs, lower-thirds and text keyed over the live video.

Video is also captured on CaptureBox for archive and later replays. The set up allows easy transitions between scheduled programs and live government meetings of unknown duration.

ListBox and DataBox provide scheduling for playing back recorded programs. In addition to the usual previews of program footage, this also shows the graphic overlays selected from TitleBox, providing a full preview of the graphics over the video files as the lists are created.

AirBox removed the burden of playing out and re-recording the 1,500-hour, 5-terabyte archive stored in the station’s older NLEs as MPEG-2 AVI files with split AVI video and .wav audio. “I was really stunned with the PlayBox,” said Station Manager Michael Seif. “I researched for four-and-half years for a system that could play the archive, without success. Then PlayBox came in, set up the AirBox, attached to my NAS and it played out instantly. A weight was taken off my shoulders like you wouldn’t believe.”

PlayBox also accepts file transfers from the 10 new Final Cut Pro edit stations operating on an X-serve network that bridges to the PlayBox Master Control network.

The station is continuing with tape for acquisition, ingesting with a CaptureBox server that accepts DV25 over FireWire directly from DVCAM DSR-25 and DSR-45 decks and stores it as MPEG-2. This allows operating a low cost tape solution that maintains the integrity of the digital DV25 files.

“Orange County wanted to do more than playout,” said PlayBox USA Country Manager Van Duke. “They wanted to ‘close the loop’ to complete a tapeless file-base workflow. The unique capabilities of PlayBox Technology file format handling was the key—along with some extra help from PlayBox Technology R&D.”