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Pittsfield Community Television Upgrades Its Playout/Server System

Serves more than 20,000 subscribers

Equipment racks at Pittsfield Community TV show its Tightrope Cablecast system.

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Pittsfield Community Television (PCTV), a local provider of three PEG channels serving more than 20,000 cable TV subscribers in the Pittsfield, Dalton and Richmond, Mass., area, has upgraded its video production and playout capabilities with the latest version of Cablecast automation and playout software from Tightrope Media Systems.

PCTV integrated Tightrope Media’s Cablecast 6.0 software with its existing Tightrope hardware, which the PEG operator has leveraged and gradually upgraded for program scheduling, automation and playout since 2003. PCTV’s complete system includes a Cablecast Pro VOD server (which also includes Cablecast automation software) and two Cablecast SX2HD 2×1 videos servers. These servers provide PCTV with a total of four playout channels (HD or SD), and two encode channels. Moving forward, PCTV can continue to upgrade and add new features without substantial hardware upgrades, reducing long-term total cost of ownership for the entire system.

“So many of us now use mobile devices when interacting with the Cablecast software, so this was a helpful addition that comes at the perfect time,” said Shawn T. Serre, education coordinator and chief engineer at Pittsfield Community Television. “We also still use desktops to schedule our programming, and the software automatically adapts to whatever screen we use. Also, many of the menus and toolbars have been updated [with Cablecast 6.0], making the user experience far more intuitive. We never have to worry that our workflow, from scheduling to on-air playback, will fail. It is truly ‘set it and forget it.’”

“We started with the basic Tightrope PEG channel configuration, using Cablecast for our main server and automation platform, and the Carousel digital signage system for bulletin boards. We later added downstream keying, VOD, live streaming, high-definition server playback, and separately added Tightrope’s ZePlay instant replay system for our sports production,” said Serre. “Tightrope products are integrated to provide maximum impact with minimal workflow effort, and their software upgrades provide a level of enhancement one might expect with an entirely new system.”

That minimal workflow effort is achieved through the system’s ability to intelligently automate and update information across the various Tightrope products. Serre points to how Carousel bulletins are updated with new information as schedule changes are made in Cablecast, with VOD files created at the click of a button. Additionally, PCTV’s web schedules update automatically, with downstream key branding.

Serre adds that as a long-time Tightrope customer, PCTV has grown to rely on and appreciate the company’s focus on customer service.

“The Tightrope folks have always been outstanding to work with, and they offer so much value for the money on the product side,” he said. “They listen very carefully to their customers, and integrate many feature requests that users put forward. The technical support and customer service are first-rate.”