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Phoenix Audio Unveils ‘The Spider’ Conference Phone

Conference room device connects via USB.

Phoenix Audio Technologies Spider

Burbank, Calif. – Phoenix Audio Technologies recently announced the rollout of its new IP conference phone, the Spider.

The Spider is an SIP-based IP conference phone that can also communicate through a USB interface with any computer under any operating system. This allows it to serve as both an IP conference phone and a soft video application speakerphone. Small in size (7-inch diameter), the Spider covers a large conference room with pick-up range exceeding 20 feet. In larger room setups, the Spider supports Phoenix’s proprietary Link-Up/Link-Down Bus, allowing the Spider to incorporate up to 14 slave units in a daisy chain mode.

Other features of the Phoenix Audio Spider include an improved DSP with updated proprietary algorithms that provide noise suppression, echo canceling, de-reverb and beam forming with direction finding.

The Spider incorporates an interactive touch-button panel and a large OLED display to provide an easy-to-use user interface. The device’s voice tracking technique is enhanced through an under-the-grill set of LEDs that follow a person’s direction of speaking and displays the algorithm in action. You can click here to see a video about the Spider.

The Spider will also come out simultaneously with an analog phone (PSTN) interface. The product will be available for pre-order immediately after its launch in the next few days.