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PESA Unveils Cheetah Flex Integrated AV Solution

Supports hybrid distribution environments

PESA Cheetah Flex video frame

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — PESA, a manufacturer of streaming solutions as well as professional audio and baseband video distribution products, will demonstrate its new Cheetah Flex integrated routing environment at InfoComm 2015, which runs June 17-19 in Orlando, Fla. Cheetah Flex supports hybrid distribution environments by incorporating the new PESA Blade System (PBS) into its established Cheetah digital video router product line.

Housed in the 2-RU Ross openGear chassis and managed by PESA’s Cattrax control software, the PBS holds up to 10 cards and is installed adjacent to traditional baseband routing hardware within a PESA Cheetah frame. PESA recently introduced two dual-channel H.264 encoding and decoding cards for streaming video. Both the C22-PBS, which supports RTSP and RTMP streams, and the C22-PBS-T, which supports MPEG transport streams, are based on the PESA Xstream C22 compact streaming appliance. In addition to the C22 and future PESA designed/manufactured cards, the new 9970-QS multiviewer card from Cobalt Digital can be incorporated into the Cheetah Flex.

Each C22 card can be configured as a two-port video encoder, two-port decoder, or include one of each. Two external audio sources can be synchronized to either or both video streams during an event. Plus, the C22s feature HDMI I/O ports for encoding HDMI sources or local HDMI monitoring, along with an LED displaying the IP address of the card for easy identification and configuration. PESA is also developing proprietary cards to handle signal conversion and scaling.

“Cheetah Flex is the cornerstone of our concept for integrated AV solutions,” said John T. Wright, senior vice president of sales and business development. “We’ve added new features within our established Cheetah digital router product line, so one system can support video resolutions up to 4K as well as streaming video sources.”