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Peoria PEG Channel Taps NVerzion for File-Based Workflow

New workflow replaces Peoria TV’s aging system

PEORIA, AZ–The City of Peoria, Ariz. has deployed NVerzion’s CLASS automation platform and CloudNine video server for its PEG channel, allowing the public access station to fully operate in a file-based workflow to broadcast in HD.

During the upgrade, Peoria TV imported much of the file content from its legacy 360 Image Servers into an NVerzion CloudNine IP-based video server, as well as their Sundance Digital Timeliner automation system database into the NVerzion CLASS automation platform. Reed Haslam, director of sales at NVerzion, says the new automation system’s ability to import the legacy automation database “allows the customer to utilize the same associated file metadata, saving them many long hours of having to re-enter the information.”

Using the import and HD upconversion capabilities of the NVerzion CloudNine server allowed Peoria TV to broadcast their legacy SD content into HD almost immediately, according to Eric Rodriguez, video production and operations specialist at Peoria TV. It also brought more consistent picture quality to the channel. “We shoot, edit, and deliver in one consistent format now,” said Rodriguez. “We are all 1080 across the whole station.” Previously they were forced to convert files to standard definition for broadcast and high definition for YouTube.

Rodriguez also noted that CloudNine’s cloud-based software allows compatible computers to contribute to the workflow. “No matter where I am in the city, CloudNine can be fed from anywhere,” he said.

According to NVerzion, more than 30 U.S. PEG channels have deployed its automation systems.