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Pentagon Channel Becomes DoD News

New voice for the Pentagon

As of today, The Pentagon Channel will cease operating as an independent brand. However, Defense Department broadcast offerings will continue to be made available as “DoD News.”

This change is a result of the department’s new approach to delivering news and information to its worldwide military audience, which combines broadcast, print and social media platforms into a single entity called DoD News.

These actions support the vision and goal of the Defense Media Activity, which is The Pentagon Channel’s parent organization. DMA will consolidate three existing components with the goal of increasing efficiency and building a “one-voice” global network. The new DoD News Channel will provide up-to-date news and information 24/7 that chronicles the most important issues in the Defense Department on any given day.

The Channel provides an outlet for the most senior leaders in the department to communicate directly with the United States military and the American public on defense-related matters and policy. DoD News reaches a large military audience with diverse interests, and consolidation provides the opportunity to capitalize on providing information quickly and clearly to this audience on multiple platforms. The Channel will continue to originate from DMA headquarters at Ft. Meade, Md., and in the near future will be supported around-the-clock by DoD News Bureaus to carry on the global conversation.

DoD News Channel will continue to provide the quality programming our military audience has come to expect and appreciate, including live leadership briefings, congressional hearings and similar news events of interest to our men and women in uniform. In order to carry on America’s defense conversation, DoD News channel will provide three new news segments throughout the day: DoD News Now, DoD News Update and DoD News Live.

Viewers will also find a new news ticker/promo crawl and headlines constantly updated to provide the most current DoD news and information.

The result will be news and information that is globally connected to various audiences through multiple platforms. The DoD channel also intends to remain on top of current audience trends to create unique programming specific to the military audience, their families and those employees of the Department of Defense.

In short, the creation of DoD News will bring greater unity and clarity to the Defense Department’s communications, to better shape and deliver critical messages across multiple platforms now and into the future.

For questions and additional information contact:Gene Brink, general manager of DoD Channel at, or Jim Langdon, director of DoD Channel at