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Pennsylvania School District to Stream Surveillance Video to Police

The Franklin Regional School District joins at least two other nearby school districts in streaming video to police

A school district in Western Pennsylvania plans to stream images from its surveillance cameras to municipal police cars, which can help officers respond to potentially dangerous situations, say officials.
The Franklin Regional School District, located in Murrysville, Pa., about 15 miles east of Pittsburgh, manages five schools serving about 3,700 students. Those schools contain 130 surveillance cameras, and the images collected by those cameras will be transmitted to police vehicles by the end of February, according to school and police officials. In addition to the images, police will be able to access digital floor plans of each school building.
The Franklin school district is the latest school district in that area of Pennsylvania to provide police access to its surveillance cameras.
North Hills School District, located in Pittsburgh, has been streaming images from the surveillance cameras in its junior and senior high schools to police. In addition, it is working on providing police with access to its elementary schools’ surveillance cameras.
The Peters Township School District has schools, and its headquarters, in McMurray, Pa.—about 10 miles southwest of Pittsburgh—as well as schools in Pleasant Valley and Venetia, Pa. It has been streaming surveillance camera images from its schools to the local police.