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Pelco’s ‘History’ With NYC is Likely Why Its Cameras Picked for Expansion

The company has installed cameras in high-profile locations including the Statue of Liberty.

New York City selected Pelco cameras to expand its network of security cameras at the Times Square, Penn Station and Grand Central subway stations in part because of the “history” the company has in supplying such equipment to that city, says a company official.

Pelco is a world leader in video security systems and has supplied such systems to high-profile locations, including the Statue of Liberty and Buckingham Palace, said Kathleen Rhodes, a spokesperson for the company. “Pelco has a long history with New York (City). They have used our cameras in the past,” she added. That history and “the level of service (Pelco has) provided customers” likely gave the company an edge over others when New York officials were deciding which cameras to acquire for the expansion.

On Sept. 21, New York City activated 500 new subway cameras at the Grand Central, Penn Station and Times Square subway stations in response to security threats such as the attempted bombing of Times Square on May 1. The 500 new cameras—largely funded by a $120 million grant from the Department of Homeland Security—join an additional 1,400 new cameras New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority activated over the past six months, increasing the number of security cameras in Manhattan to about 3,000. There had been about 1,159 active security cameras in Manhattan prior to the recent expansions.

When New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the activation of the additional 500 cameras, he said the surveillance systems were needed because of recent attacks and plots targeting the city. Bloomberg listed the May 1 attempt to detonate a truck bomb in Times Square, and a planned 2009 suicide bomb attack on the New York subway system as the reason for installing additional cameras.