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PEG TV in Virginia Adopts Osprey for Point-to-Point HD Transport

Osprey Video Talon encoders and decoders used for remote productions

DALLAS — PEG TV has an SD vs. HD issue.

PEG TV is the cable TV station that provides television services to the community of Hampton, Va., and the surrounding school district. And although the station has an operational SD production truck, it wanted to be able to provide HD transport from remote locations without needing to upgrade the entire production vehicle.

Tasked with public, educational, and government programming, PEG TV runs three television stations: one for the city, one for sports, and one as an educational channel for the school district. Until recently, PEG TV had relied exclusively on a microwave truck to handle remote productions, which meant it couldn’t transmit in HD and was at the mercy of available networks and bandwidth. The truck was cumbersome to use, and broadcasting live was too labor-intensive. As a result, PEG TV had to turn down a lot of remote-broadcasting requests.

The decision was made to instead adopt Talon G1 small form-factor H.264 encoders and decoders from Osprey Video to handle point-to-point HD transport from multiple locations.

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