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‘Panoramic’ DLP Projector Unveiled by projectiondesign

F35 panorama projector reduces need for edge-blending

Norway’s projectiondesign unveils the F35 panorama projector, which is designed for advanced meeting rooms and can be used in an office with an average ceiling height and still project images as wide as 13 feet without edge-blending.
“We have introduced the F35 panorama to address a specific trend in modern business workflows, namely the increasing importance of cross-platform collaboration and discussion,” said Anders Løkke, projectiondesign’s marketing director. “For many employees, the sharing of large data sets through various cloud technologies is now an everyday occurrence, meaning that the advanced meeting room has become an even more important asset in the modern workplace.”
The F35 panorama’s flexible input configuration enables it to project simultaneous side-by-side images from two separate high-resolution sources, fill an entire screen from a single source, or set up a video conference call next to a computer presentation, according to projectiondesign.
Based on projectiondesign’s Ósingle-chip digital light projection (DLP) platform, the F35 panorama features a resolution of 2.7 megapixels and brightness of up to 7,000 American National Standards Institute lumens.
“We have extensive experience of blending, color-matching and managing two or more projectors working together, but nevertheless we also now see a need for a super-wide projector that can do the job of two edge-blended devices,” Løkke said. “Thousands of meeting rooms use two channels of [super extended graphics adapter] SXGA+ or other 4:3 projectors blended together. This essentially replaces all that with a single projector,” he added.