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Panopto Debuts Comprehensive Inside-Video Search

Find what you're looking for... inside videos

Panopto Inside Video Search Player

SEATTLE — Video is quickly becoming the communications tool of choice for businesses and universities, but standard, YouTube-style video search — which searches only for titles, tags, and comments — has so far limited video’s effectiveness. Panopto, a video management platform for both the enterprise and education markets, recently announced a new version of the Panopto video platform, delivering a comprehensive way to search inside videos, allowing Panopto users to search video by every word spoken and every word shown.

“We’re all used to searching for information on the Internet, in email, and in documents, but video remains a black box full of valuable information that can’t be easily accessed,” said Eric Burns, co-founder and chief product officer for Panopto. “Panopto is tearing down the biggest hurdle to video adoption, introducing video search capabilities that are more sophisticated than those offered by video giants like YouTube — and making it easy for customers to find and share knowledge across their organization.”

Enterprise and education videos often run 60 minutes or longer – being able to search for and fast-forward to specific, relevant moments is essential. Traditional video platforms, however, only offer basic search capabilities, making it impossible to find specific sentences spoken, words shown on screen, or other key moments in a video file.

This new version of Panopto allows the company’s 500+ enterprise and university customers to search video files as easily as they would search a document, website, or email. This level of detailed search now makes video as viable as written text for use as a record, a communications tool and a teaching device.

Panopto users can now search the actual content of their videos, including:

  • Any word ever spoken in a video, by any speaker (with new automatic speech recognition)
  • Any word included in presentation slides, even speakers notes
  • Any word that ever appears in a video, even in screen captures or recorded whiteboards (with new optical character recognition)
  • Any word used in a videos public notes or comments
  • In every recording across their entire video library, new or old, and whether or not that video was recorded with Panopto

As well as automatically fast forward right to the exact moment the keyword is used.