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Panasonic Provides Clarity for Mobile Digital Video Evidence Capture

Arbitrator 360°HD delivers 1080p for improved officer safety

NEWARK, N.J.—Panasonic System Communications Company of North America has debuted the Arbitrator 360° HD rugged mobile digital video evidence capture and recording system.

Recording in 1080p HD, the Arbitrator 360°HD provides clarity for evidence capture.

The Arbitrator 360°HD is based on Panasonic’s surveillance cameras to enable image details and sharpness, accurate color representation and wider fields of view for improved situational analysis.

The Arbitrator 360°HD system supports recording of up to five HD cameras simultaneously to provide a full view in and around an emergency response vehicle. Its 1080p front camera captures a 65-degree field of view and has a 30X optical zoom and 12X digital zoom. The Arbitrator 360°HD is designed to support remote streaming and control capabilities and enables real-time support. The Arbitrator 360°HD can also capture images in near darkness using Panasonic’s CMOS Sensor.

Side and rear view cameras provide 720p high-definition resolution, 150-degree horizontal fields of view and 93-degree vertical fields of view to bring full 360 degree situational awareness. A new officer-worn microphone provides nearly one mile of audio recording range utilizing a 900 Mhz frequency, and allows an officer to control connected 12-volt device in the vehicle with a new auxiliary control feature.

The Video Processing Unit supports up to two 512 GB solid state drives and provides full power-over-Ethernet to attached IP cameras. The system is equipped with a tamper-resistant key lock and recording can be activated based on predefined triggers, and it is MIL-STD-810G tested for resistance to shock, vibration and other conditions.

The system integrates video capture, storage, transfer and file management to serve as a digital evidence solution. The system includes Panasonic’s SafeServ Evidence Management Software Suite, which provides evidence management with a built-in case file management system. It also includes the ability to ingest still images, IP surveillance video footage and automatic import of video from Panasonic’s WV-TW310 wearable camera systems. The SafeServ suite can be configured to fit an agency’s specific chain of custody requirements and is also back-compatible.

The system features an integrated 802.11n radio that supports 2X2 MIMO offloading. The Arbitrator 360°HD allows for offload manually or via the CommandR application running on a Wi-Fi or wireless broadband-enabled Windows OS device. The system also connects with in-vehicle routers, such as Utility Inc.’s Rocket for expanded flexibility in wireless offload via wireless broadband or Wi-Fi. The Rocket architecture provides IP networking and routing in the vehicle to expand command and control capabilities and overall situational awareness.

The Panasonic Arbitrator 360°HD system will be available in the United States beginning October 2013.