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Panasonic Debuts Remote Camera Controller

AW-RP120 features IP, serial connectivity and advanced memory functions

Panasonic has rolled out its AW-RP120 full-size remote camera system controller, with the capability to control cameras via Internet protocol and serial connections, to support the company’s remote camera systems.
The AW-RP120 offers group presets for scene changes, tracing memories for storage and recall of complex operations, SD memory card storage and direct panel control of gain, pedestal and detail settings, Panasonic says.
The controller can function with up to 100 Panasonic cameras via IP or five via RS-422 serial connections, and it supports flexible system configurations and up to 100 presets (potentially one for each remote camera), the company says. Selectable automatic IP address allocation simplifies large-scale systems. Any of five AW-RP120 controllers on the network can select and control any compatible IP-controlled camera, and the company says an RS-232C port enables external control for systems employing programmed PC, Crestron, AMX or other third party controllers. The Panasonic AW-HS50 compact switcher can also be linked via IP connection.
The control panel features a pan/tilt joystick, seesaw zoom lever, iris dial and manual focus dial with One-Touch Autofocus, Panasonic says. A speed adjustment dial is provided for each of the pan/tilt/zoom and focus functions, and camera moves and scene operations can be recalled via the unit’s Tracing Memory, the company says. Up to 10 Tracing Memory items can be stored per camera, the company says, while up to 100 standard presets (including pan, tilt, zoom position, focus, iris and white balance settings) can be stored and recalled for each camera.
The AW-RP120 measures 13-1/2” x 3-1/16” by 10-17/16” and weighs just under seven pounds. The AW-RP120 will be available in February, the company says.