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Panasonic Debuts Next-Generation i-PRO SmartHD Network Video Recorder

All-in-One, PC-less security solution

NEWARK, N.J. – Panasonic System Communications Company, a manufacturer of video surveillance products, announced the availability of its WJ-NV300 network video recorder. The new NV300 system now adds field-upgradeable camera expansion, add-on video storage capacity and an enhanced dual-screen user interface.

The NV300 is a standalone network video recorder designed to deliver an all-in-one, PC-less surveillance solution out of the box. The system delivers full camera viewing, control and recording capabilities through a built-in mouse-driven graphical user interface, now supporting dual-screen HDMI outputs.

Featuring a standard 16 channels of HD recording and field-expandable up to 32 channels with the purchase of additional licenses and hardware, the NV300 supports a total recording bandwidth of up to 128 Mbps, twice the rate of its predecessor, the NV200. Support for optional WJ-HDE400 hard disk RAID capable expansion unit can also extend the system’s local video storage up to 80 TB.

The NV300 also features built-in video de-warping processing that works with Panasonic’s line of 360-degree video surveillance cameras. The unit also integrates seamlessly with Panasonic ASM200 and ASM970 video management clients, maintaining the NV300’s functionality in larger Panasonic systems.

Supporting flexible network configurations via its dual-gigabit Ethernet interfaces and offering remote access camera control, viewing, and recording playback and management, the NV300 simplifies managing and sharing surveillance content. Users can even secure faster transfer of video recordings via the NV300’s SD or USB memory card slots or access live monitoring and video playback using Panasonic’s free Security Viewer 2.0 app, now available on Apple- and Android-based tablets and smartphones for remote viewing capabilities.

“As a leading provider of integrated security solutions, we recognize how valuable all-in-one solutions are to today’s small to medium-sized businesses,” said Charlie Hare, Panasonic’s national category manager for security and mobile video solutions. “With its next-generation WJ-NV300 recorder, Panasonic has enabled security systems operators to achieve advanced quality and scalability without sacrificing performance or enduring undue system complexity.”