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Panasonic Canada Offers ImmerVision’s ‘Panomorph’ Lens Technology

Creates a 360 degree functionality

Panasonic Canada says it is now offering ImmerVision’s “panomorph” lens technology—which creates a 360 degree functionality—as an option for Panasonic video surveillance cameras.

Panasonic says ImmerVision’s IMV1-1/3 360-degree panomorph lenses virtually eliminate blind spots on live or recorded surveillance video further enhancing the imaging performance of Panasonic video surveillance cameras.

In addition, panomorph lenses increase the range of video surveillance coverage and heighten security personnel’s situational awareness, Panasonic Canada says in a written statement. By combining Panasonic video surveillance cameras with ImmerVision panomorph lenses results in a highly effective solution for security applications, the company says.

“By offering ImmerVision 360-degree panomorph lenses in combination with Panasonic video surveillance cameras, security professionals benefit from expanded video surveillance coverage capabilities and improved cost efficiency,” said Mike Reynolds, marketing manager for Panasonic Canada’s Security Systems Division. Those “innovative lenses from ImmerVision are a great complement to many of Panasonic’s IP and Analogue surveillance cameras, and we are pleased to offer them as an option,” he said.

In addition, “Panasonic is highly regarded as a leader in video surveillance imaging technology, and Panasonic surveillance cameras are among the best at providing high quality and high performance to maximize the benefit of open 360-degree solutions,” said Alessandro Gasparini, ImmerVision’s senior vice president for sales and marketing, and CCO. “Panasonic also offers the greatest number of video surveillance cameras compatible with panomorph lenses, providing users and designers with the greatest range of applications and benefits,” he added.