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Osprey Video Debuts 3G Distribution Amplifiers

Low cost DAs for security and general video

Osprey SDAR-4 distribution amplifier

SOUTHLAKE, Texas — Osprey Video is debuting its Osprey Black product line of converters and peripherals with the release of three distribution amplifiers. Now available for shipping, the new distribution amplifiers — the Osprey SDAD-4, the Osprey SDAR-4 and the Osprey SDARD-4 — will split any single-link SDI input up to 3G into four signal paths, while preserving ancillary data and embedded audio.

Each distribution amplifier features automatic cable equalization to lessen attenuation over longer cable runs (up to 100 meters at 3G, 200 meters at HD and 400 meters at SD). Additionally, they are designed for low power consumption, with the Osprey SDAD-4 and Osprey SDAR-4 having a maximum power consumption of 1.8W, while the Osprey SDARD-4 consumes a maximum of 2W. All units strictly adhere to current SMPTE standards for SDI signals.

The low-cost Osprey SDAD-4 amplifier features dip switches that allow users to select between SD and HD signals as well as turn off unused ports to conserve power when the device is running on portable power sources. Since it is equalized but not re-clocked, the Osprey SDAD-4 is a low cost fit for applications with shorter cable runs.

The professional grade Osprey SDAR-4 and Osprey SDARD-4 are re-clocked distribution amplifiers that ensure low jitter output, particularly for very long cable runs. The Osprey SDARD-4 and SDAD-4 also accept DVB-ASI in addition to the 3G, HD and SD SDI signals.

A locking mini-USB B connector powers each amplifier, while a USB power supply, a PC or portable battery pack can also power them. Buyers also receive a lockable USB power cable and mounting brackets.

“No matter which one purchasers choose, they’ll find that our new distribution amplifiers are perfect for streaming workflows,” said Roger Bieri, general manager of Osprey Video. “We plan to continue adding to our Osprey Black line of products, so customers will be able to meet more of their video streaming needs in one place and always be assured of excellence.”