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Orad Virtual Set Upgrades Community College Production

HCC's television studio also serves Howard County government.

Howard Community College, a two-year college in Columbia, Md., is launching two new shows and revamping production of a third using ProSet virtual set technology Orad Hi-Tec Systems with grid-based tracking and CamTrack.

ProSet will improve the appearance of its productions, eliminate the costs and storage space associated with traditional sets, and execute lightning-fast turnarounds between shows.

HCC’s television studio also serves Howard County government, which will use ProSet technology to simplify production and improve the look of its local election coverage in 2010.

For three years, HCC has produced a traditional talk show relying on a homegrown virtual set solution that required recording an image in a green screen studio with a single camera, and compositing the image in post production using a set created with 3D animation software—a process that took approximately three weeks for a single program. With ProSet, the production team will now be able to use multiple cameras in the studio and composite in real time.

“ProSet will allow us to dramatically increase the amount of production we do while at the same time reducing labor costs,” said Margaret Kahlor, executive producer and television services director at HCC. “And as far as the appearance of our programming goes, we anticipate that the end result will be far superior to anything we could have accomplished with hard sets, thanks to Orad.”

HCC has integrated the Orad ProSet system into its Studio A production environment, which is based on an Echolab Opera video switcher and three manually operated studio-configured Panasonic AJ-HPX2000 cameras. Additional live graphics from a character generator (CG) are inserted downstream. The staff uses Autodesk Maya software to design its sets, which are then imported into Orad 3Designer and finished there.

“As an affordable, community-based institution of higher learning, HCC must maximize return on an investment involving equipment,” said Avi Sharir, CEO and president of Orad Hi-Tec Systems. “The college’s broadcast team selected the ProSet system because they recognize it is an investment that will pay off in improved production quality and productivity, along with cost savings in staff and facilities. Like all of Orad’s virtual set solutions, ProSet is a wise investment for educational institutions and a variety of media organizations.”

ProSet is a complete virtual studio solution with integrated hardware, software, and tracking technologies that support multiple production playouts. Equipped with CamTrack, the Orad system’s grid based tracking technology can save a user thousands of dollars by eliminating the need for encoded camera pedestals.

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Panasonic AJ-HPX2000