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Oncam Grandeye Launches 360-Degree Surveillance Camera Range

Housing is designed to be explosion-proof

Oncam Grandeye, developer of 360-degree camera technology, has released its explosion-proof camera system, touting it as offering total situational awareness system.
The Evolution ExD camera range has been designed specifically for operation in in harsh and hazardous environmental conditions, including potentially explosive situations.
The challenge in providing 360-degree imaging has always been the design of the dome, and Oncam Grandeye has taken steps to ensure that the dome matches the lens.
There are always risks associated with electrical devices because gases and sparks emitted on the rigs can trigger an initial explosion, which in turn may lead to further catastrophic explosions across the platform, Oncam says.
“Our 360-degree, explosion-proof designed camera system will change the way surveillance is managed in these areas by providing total situational awareness,” said David Cawley, Oncam’s global product manager.
Oncam Grandeye’s casing is made of lightweight stainless steel, and the camera and housing come pre-configured, the firm says. The housing has been awarded the ExD-certified logo for electrical appliances used in the oil and gas industry, meaning that the external enclosure is designed to withstand internal or external explosions.