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OmniVision Offers Video Sharing Technology

ViV enables simultaneous sharing from primary and secondary cameras

OmniVision Technologies Inc., a developer of digital imaging solutions, has introduced its new Video-in-Video technology, a dual-camera video sharing function that enables the combination of video feeds from both front- and rear-facing cameras into a single video stream.
The company says ViV technology is intended to change the way users share, record and experience mobile video enabling manufacturers toc offer a different video sharing and conferencing experience without significantly altering current designs or operating systems.
“Given the explosive growth of image and video sharing on social networks, as well as the popularity of video chat and conferencing on mobile devices, we see ViV as an enabler to the next trend in mobile video,” said Henrik Miettinen, product marketing manager at OmniVision.
ViV technology’s configuration includes a primary five-megapixel camera that can share its mobile industry processor interface with an attached secondary video graphics array camera. Using stitching and bypass modes, the primary camera can send, via its megapixel interface, images or video to the baseband, with or without image signal processing, meaning it requires only one megapixel camera interface to support dual-cameras, the company says.