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OmniVision Develops New Companion Processor

OV480 designed for wide field-of-view automotive applications

Digital imaging solution developer OmniVision Technologies plans to release the OV480, a companion processor designed for wide field-of-view (FOV) applications for automotive vision systems during 2013.
The OV480 operates in conjunction with OmniVision’s AutoVision sensors to deliver electronic distortion correction and significantly enhanced low-light performance, according to the company.
“In light of anticipated developments in safety standards and related regulations, we are seeing greater demand than ever before for complete camera solutions that fit a broad scope of vehicle platforms,” said Jeff Morin, OmniVision’s automotive marketing manager. “Because of its ability to correct lens distortion of up to 195-degrees, the OV480 allows a single camera design to be used across multiple vehicle platforms, thus reducing the design-in and integration costs associated with rear-view and 360-degree surround view systems.”
The company says its system supports a range of image sensors designed for automotive applications, including the OV7955, OV7962, OV10630 and OV10635, in addition to featureing a temporal noise filter to deliver scene reproduction in difficult conditions.
The OV480 provides multiple views for drivers, including top down and perspective views (for rear-view functions), as well as a cross traffic view feature that allows drivers to see both sides of the vehicle.
The product is also compact, fitting into a 6.5 mm x 6.5 mm BGA package.