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Ohio Educational TV Stations to Strengthen Emergency Public Information System

Triveni Digital teams with Digital Alert Systems to make it happen

Princeton, NJ–With the help of Triveni Digital and Digital Alert Systems, Ohio’s public television stations will be strengthening their existing emergency alert system (EAS).

The approach will be using Digital Alert System’s DASEOC emergency operations center to transmit all emergency alert messages from the federal government, the state of Ohio or local county authorities into a single data stream to be delivered over the state’s Broadcast Educational Media Commission’s fiber system.

Edward Czarnecki, senior director of strategy and global government affairs at Digital Alert Systems, said in the announcement that the use these emergency alert solutions in the new OEAS system will allow Ohio state broadcasters to relay mission-critical information to more than 11.5 million people, including first responders.

From there, the message is received by Ohio’s 12 public TV stations where it’s streamed into a station’s digital broadcast signal using Triveni Digital’s SkyScraper datacast technology, avoiding last-mile Internet delivery at the users end.

Triveni Digital’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Ralph Bachofen, said in a statement,“Datacasting emergency information with our SkyScraper system is a much more reliable solution compared with using last-mile Internet delivery, without some of the cybersecurity and other limitations inherent with terrestrial network distribution.”

An integrated DASLC emergency content management server and a digital TV data receiver make the content of the message available to any EAS equipment.

The project is a step to create the Ohio Digital EAS (OEAS), a partnership made up of Ohio’s public broadcasters, the Ohio Emergency Management Agency, the Ohio broadcast community and technology providers. The Corporation for Public Broadcasters is funding the project.

David Carwile, project manager at Ohio Educational Television Stations, was quoted saying OETS has been working with Triveni Digital and Digital Alert Systems for nearly a decade to design a reliable and secure datacast-based information delivery system.

“As we complete testing and prepare for a full-scale rollout of the system later this spring, we also look forward to demonstrating the value it can bring to other projects on the federal, state and local level.”