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NICE Systems Introduces Versatile Video Surveillance Solution

Billed as the next-generation of open-platform Internet protocol (IP) video surveillance.

NICE Systems Ltd., an Israeli producer of intent-based solutions, introduces its NiceVision Net 2.0, the next-generation of open-platform Internet protocol (IP) video surveillance solutions designed to meet the needs of a broad range of security operations, the company says in a written statement.

NiceVision Net 2.0 offers bundled solution packages that leverage NICE’s core IP video technology and expertise to deliver high speed and reliable—enterprise-level—preformance, capabilities, versatility and low total cost of ownership, in a future-ready, hybrid “smart video recording” platform, the company says.

“In order to better compete and win business across a wide range of security markets, today’s system integrators are looking for hybrid video solutions that combine advanced capabilities with low total cost of ownership, while offering a smooth migration to IP,” said Bill Bozeman, CEO of the PSA Security Network, a global electronic security cooperative representing systems integrators. “NiceVision Net offers all of this, along with tiered packaging and specialized support tools that make it easier for integrators to design, quote, sell, deploy, and upgrade customer systems. It’s a real game changer,” he said.

Benefits of NiceVision Net 2.0 include:

Versatility: A true entry-to-enterprise solution, NiceVision Net 2.0 offers three-tiered solution packages (eXpress, Professional and Enterprise) and versatility to support different types of video surveillance projects, including: analog, IP or hybrid environments; software only or turnkey; and small clusters to large centralized architectures.

Investment protection: All NiceVision Net 2.0 bundles are IT-grade and based on the same core enterprise-class technology, so security operations can start small and upgrade/scale as they grow, through simple license upgrades. Edge device agnostic and analytics-ready, NiceVision Net 2.0’s hybrid Smart Video Recorder (SVR) empowers security operations with high-end value-added security solutions, such as analytics, and supports both analog, and IP cameras, so organizations can migrate to IP at their own pace while making the most of legacy investments.

Partner-friendliness: Tiered packaging/licensing – complemented by NiceVision Net’s solution designer, software deployment and distribution tools – make it easy for integrators to design, quote, sell, deploy, and upgrade video surveillance solutions.

IT-friendliness: An open, standards-based solution, NiceVision Net2.0 is built for high reliability and availability, and conforms to today’s stringent information security standards.