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Newtec Says Latest Modems Achieve New Level of Bandwidth Efficiency

The tests were relevant for real-life services in broadcast and telecom markets

Newtec, which provides broadcast and broadband access solutions, combined its Bandwidth Canceller and Next Generation modems (Newtec MDM6000 series) in a test of its latest broadcast equipment on a Eutelsat satellite, the transmission achieved a new level of “bandwidth efficiency.”

Testing was performed at Eutelsat’s teleport inRambouillet,Franceduring the night in order not to disturb crucial daytime sport transmissions, and the transmission attained 506 Mbps and broke 0.5 Gbps two-way throughput over a 72 MHz transponder on a Eutelsat satellite, Newtec says. A significant margin was taken in cloud cover conditions to ensure the tests were relevant for real-life high availability services in broadcast and telecom markets, the firm adds.

The tests were carried out in several steps to validate different market application scenarios, and a number of elements were used to improve overall current market available efficiencies, including Clean Channel Technology (a Newtec technology for implementing lowest roll-off and filtering to boost throughput), the company says. New modulation and “forward error correction” (FEC) codes were also used, which can be seen as extending the DVB-S2 standard, it says. In particular for the test, a complete reworked 32 APSK 135/180 (135 over 180) modulation proved to be most optimised, the firm says.

“This latest series of records indicates that Newtec is leading the effort on contributing new technology in previously unimaginable real world applications,” saidSerge Van Herck, Newtec’s CEO.The Newtec MDM6000 next generation modem is scheduled for release in October 2012, and it is applicable in for situations requiring high service, he added.