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Newark PD To Access Security Firm’s Surveillance Video

The New York security firm lets police view customer video recordings when needed to combat crime, at no cost to the taxpayer.

The Newark (N.J.) Police Department and SecureWatch 24 (SW24), a New York security firm with a facility in Moonachie, N.J., are partnering on a program in which the police can view SW24 customer video recordings when needed to combat crime at no cost to the taxpayer.

SW24 has a Network Operations Center located in Moonachie, and the agreement allows the Newark Police to access local SW24 customer video records upon request in order to aid criminal investigations.

There are currently several dozen SW24 customers in the Newark area with over 300 cameras in various locations, which can be a valuable strategic resource to the police department’s efforts to reduce crime, according to the company. However, local SW24 customers will have to agree in advance to allow such access, and the company is working to obtain customer permissions, the firm says.

“As far as we know this agreement between a public law enforcement entity and a private security company is unprecedented in New Jersey—it shows how forward thinking the Newark Police Department is,” said Desmond Smyth, SW24’s president. “Our local customers will agree to make their videos available to the police—thereby giving the police access to over 300 cameras without the need for taxpayers to pay a nickel. Our network of cameras is a ‘force multiplier’ for the 2,000 men and women of the Newark Police Department,” he said.