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New Verizon Drone Initiative Tested For First Responder Use

The Airborne LTE Ops initiative seeks to establish wireless in-flight connectivity with drones and aircraft

NEW YORK–Verizon Wireless has launched an initiative to expand its 4G LTE network to unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned aerial systems. The Airborne LTE Ops initiative was launched last week (October 6) after a series of successful technical tests that involved both manned and unmanned aircraft.

What’s of interest to Government Video readers is the initiative’s practicality for first responders. The telecommunications company used drones to demonstrate how its 4G LTE network can be used by emergency management personnel during disaster recovery efforts. Verizon and its partners, American Aerospace Technologies and Sierra Wireless are also actively lobbying the FAA for commercial UAV use, particularly to allow the vehicles to be operated beyond a controller’s line of sight.

The full article can be read in our sister publication, TV Technology.