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New Mini-Doc Looks at Akamai Training Program for Tech Prospects

WorkingNation’s documentary examines how the Akamai Technical Academy is broadening its potential workforce

CAMBRIDGE, MASS.—A new mini-documentary from WorkingNation, a national campaign focused on helping Americans prepare for the fast-changing labor market, features an Akamai Technologies program to diversify and broaden its potential workforce by giving participants the skills needed to be hired for an entry-level position at the company.

The video, “No Experience Required: Building a New Digital Workforce,” focuses on Takara Larsen as she takes part in the Akamai Technical Academy, a program for people who do not have a STEM [science, technology, engineering and math] background but demonstrate an aptitude for and interest in technology. Upon graduating from the program, participants are prepared to work for Akamai for a contract period. If they excel during this period, the company can offer them a full-time position.

Akamai launched the academy in January 2016 and has graduated five classes so far. A total of 101 people have completed the program, or 94 percent of the 107 accepted, according to the company. So far, two classes have become eligible to convert to full-time positions.

Thirty-nine people, or 95 percent of the total eligible, have been offered full-time positions. Fifty-five more are in the pipeline that leads to conversion, Akamai said. Plans for the first five-month academy semester in 2018 are being finalized.

The three-minute documentary is part of WorkingNation’s “Do Something Awesome” series, which focuses on programs nationwide that are training a future-proof workforce.

Those interested in being notified about future academy classes should visit the Akamai Technical Academy website.