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Nevion to Unveil Optical Conversion Solutions

Systems are designed for multiple functionality and scalability

Nevion, a provider of managed video services for broadcasters, service providers and government entities, is set to unveil optical conversion solutions it says are designed for multiple functionality and scalability, lowering the costs of optical fiber capacity.

Nevion is to debut its new Flashlink active and passive optical modules—the WOC series that provides highly protected and cost efficient CWDM protection—during September 2012. Offered within new and improved enclosures, the series supports Nevion’s continued commitment to optical solutions with a passive wideband optical splitter available in 50/50 or 90/10-split ratio, and an active wideband 2×2 optical redundancy switch with tally output, the company says.

A new CWDM system(CWDM1-8/CWDM9-16) is based on eight-channel optical filters and will provide broadcasters with the ability to scale as needed through an upgrade port, supporting up to 16 channels of bidirectional traffic on the same fiber, Nevion says. Equipped with long haul specifications, the filters provide a cost-efficient alternative to Nevion’s 18-channel CWDM filter when fewer channels are needed. Wavelengths are chosen according to the ITU-T G.694.2 standard to ensure maximum interoperability, the company says.

Used as a stand-alone filter, or within an N-Box—Flashlink’s ultra-compact and rugged Flashlink housing, Nevion’s new 18-channel, bidirectional optical CWDM filter(CWDM18)can function as a multiplexer or de-multiplexer, and occupies one Flashlink slot, the company says.

Nevion’s next-generation Flashlink Compact 2contains state-of-the-art features within a compact 1RU frame, the company says. With higher channel count, and SFPs and BNCs on opposite sides of the chassis, Flashlink 2 provides 36 channels supported by multiple electrical-to-optical and optical-to-electrical conversion, Nevion says. This highly efficient optical conversion solution features a built-in CWDM filter and hot-pluggable optics. Like its predecessor, Flashlink Compact 2 offers tremendous value and low resource requirements for long-term cost savings, the company says. 

“Innovative engineering enabled Nevion to create Flashlink, a product family long known for its reliability, small form factors and low power requirements,” said Svein Havard Haugen, Nevion’s director of engineering. “Once again, we’ve applied design ingenuity to create optical modules that can expand as customers’ needs grow and feature more functionality, including upgrade ports and SFPs, into the same space-saving modules.”