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NCast Unveils Open-Standard Content Management System

The Presentation Production Server is reportedly the first content streaming product that is truly open-standard, completely changing the rules of modern video, audio and graphics presentation.

NCast, a producer of IP streaming and presentation capture technology, introduces the “Presentation Production Server,” an “open-standard” presentation content management system.

NCast’s Presentation Production Server is the first content streaming product that is truly open-standard, completely changing the rules of modern video, audio and graphics presentation, the company says. The server offers a completely open-standard architecture that allows easy custom modifications, collaboration with industry partners and enhancements by third parties. Feature-rich and robust, the Presentation Production Server is fully compatible with industry-wide learning management systems like Sakai and Blackboard, NCast says.

The server is available in two different configurations, and it can be utilized as a virtual, web-based, cloud hosted service or, for users who wish to host their own content, the product may be purchased as a hardware server. Both options offer high-definition, H.264 compliant video, superior audio quality, and seamless integration with industry class management tools and workflows.

A presentation portal for administrators and end-users is included with the server, but unlike other video portals, it supports both video and graphics presentations, making it ideal for content delivery. An advanced optical character recognition system extracts text from all sources, even graphics, creating a comprehensive, searchable index. Closed captioning support is integrated for the hearing impaired.

The “Cloud Edition” of the Presentation Production Server is a service and integrated platform, which can be useful for educational institutions and other organizations wishing to start presenting their content without investing significant overhead into equipment or support staff. Fully integrated with Amazon’s EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) service, PPS provides a turnkey, cloud-based solution, eliminating issues of storage space, broadcast bandwidth, energy costs and dedicated IT staff.

In addition, the Presentation Production Server seamlessly integrates with NCast encoders to provide high levels of video and audio quality. NCast encoders feature dual capture, high-definition inputs, full-frame rate recording, and a variety of powerful monitoring tools to deliver constant, automated feedback during use.