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NAB2010: Telecast Unveiling TeleCube Modular Interface

Marshall Electronics is among the first to embed it, in its high-end monitors.

Developed specifically for OEM applications, the new TeleCube Modular Interface from telcast Fiber Systems offers broadcasters a highly flexible, cost-effective I/O solution for distribution of HD/SDI signals via fiber optics as well as copper cable.

TeleCube Modular Interface from Telecast Fiber Systems

The TeleCube is making its North American debut at the 2010 NAB Show.

One of the first developers to launch a product featuring the TeleCube is Marshall Electronics, with the world’s first HD monitors offering direct fiber-optic video input. Marshall’s new Modular Design (MD) series of high-end broadcast monitors features two receptacles which can be equipped with TeleCube fiber-optic (ST) or coax (BNC) transmitters and receivers.

Using the TeleCubes, the rack-mountable monitors can be configured with copper or fiber optic video inputs and loop-throughs that can be quickly and easily interchanged in the field based on evolving needs and requirements, eliminating the need to upgrade or replace equipment when a different input or application is required.

“With Telecast Fiber Systems’ TeleCube modules, our new MD Series is a truly future-proof solution for multimonitor rack-mount installations, providing complete flexibility and reassurance–as well as high-quality long-distance video display deployment–for live broadcasting and sports production,” said Nathan Mordukhay, vice president of sales and marketing for Marshall Electronics. “The TeleCube was the perfect match to our requirements, backed by Telecast’s track record of providing comprehensive systems in use worldwide by the most prominent broadcast networks and TV stations for high-profile live events.”

TeleCube technology will help manufacturers lower their engineering design costs and improve time-to-market for broadcast video technology, because each tiny TeleCube module contains all of the lasers, detectors, EQ, and line drivers or receivers needed in a compact, integrated package. This allows a single I/O port to be easily configured as an input or output for either fiber or copper connectivity. The simple TeleCube interface requires just a few square inches of space and a few pennies worth of parts, and gives instant 3Gbps optical or electric input or output capabilities to any video device, including HD monitors and displays, switchers and routers, cameras, modular DAs, or any other new digital video device.

TeleCube modules resemble common 75-ohm BNC connectors and can be easily plugged directly into the PCB using the special mini-pin connector. No soldering is necessary, and the device may be disconnected easily and replaced with one having a different function.

“Marshall Electronics’ integration of the TeleCube modules into its world-class MD Series of broadcast high-definition monitors is exactly the type of application for which the TeleCube was designed–a game-changing product that illustrates how fiber can deliver unprecedented flexibility to broadcast and display products,” said Richard Cerny, vice president and COO of Telecast Fiber Systems. “Marshall has recognized the TeleCube’s true potential for high-quality transport of 3-Gbps signals over copper or fiber, with the industry’s most scalable and flexible input and output configurations.”

The TeleCube modules, as well as the Marshall Electronics MD Series monitors in which they are embedded, will be demonstrated at the 2010 NAB Show at both the Telecast Fiber Systems booth, C8925, as well as at the Marshall Electronics booth, C8931.

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